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Originality The dissertation author can only submit his own intellectual product as a dissertation. When submitting a dissertation, the dissertation applicant must declare in writing that the dissertation submitted by him is entirely his intellectual product, and this work was not purchased from the authors of the essay ( The declaration has legal force, is implemented with the help and legal consequences of abuse. Formal requirements of the dissertation. basic settings, stands before the start of the dissertation, write it down. This saves us a lot of trouble and unnecessary work. The first and most important thing to do is to set the margins: on the left 3 cm due to the strapping, on the right side, lower and upper 2.5 cm, etc. you can ask the authors of the essay ( Page numbers. Page numbers are either to the right of the header (if we do not create a header, then just to the right in the top corner) or at the bottom of the page, also on the right. Not on the first page the page number, but on the next page the numbering continues from 2. Structure of the dissertation. The more structured the dissertation (chapters, subsections), the more understandable and traceable it is. However, for the sake of clarity, heading systems with more than three levels should be avoided. The titles of chapters and subsections may be numbered with decimal or Roman numerals, Arabic numeral with a combination of letters. Address format and settings. Hierarchically different headings with different formatting (uppercase, regular, italic) specified (see example above). The title of the first degree is always on a new page, so the company essay writer ( always says. A space of 24 points before the secondary address and 12 points after it. Mandatory (set after text selection: "Paragraph", "Interval": 24 before, then 12), in the case of a tertiary name, the space before it is 12, then 6 points. With the headings selected in the Paragraph window, Text Markup, select Fools and Orphans, and select "Together With" to prevent the subchapter from appearing on a new page. This ensures that the subchapter does not start at the bottom of the page with just one line below the heading be orphaned. In this case, it will automatically move to the next page.

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