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If you're interested in printing contacts in Windows Live Mail, the procedure is simple. You just need to select all contacts on your list, and then click the Print option from the File menu. Choose an option for printing and press the "Print" "Print" icon. Your contacts are saved to CSV format. You can print them anywhere you would like. To print a single contact follow the steps listed below. But, make sure to check the information in your contacts folder prior to beginning. Go to your start menu and click on Live Mail. Next, choose the email that you want to print and click on the toolbar. Then, select the print icon from the toolbar. Once you select your printer, Windows Live Mail should prompt you with the options to print. Review the steps and select the one that suits your needs. If you have an email with a specific address, you can print it out by clicking the "Print" icon.

Once you have selected the email to print, you can either choose to save it in your computer's memory, or print it as a physical list. In either case, you have two choices: the first is to create an electronic copy of your contact list. The second option is to print the hard copy of the entire directory. This is useful if you need a physical backup of all of your contacts. While you're at it, you can also use the Phone Directory print option to create a hard copy of your contacts.



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