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New Order Form and Upgraded Tours...oh, and a price comparison!

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

It's been a long time in the works and we finally have a new order form that will allow you to choose your favorite photographer or choose the soonest available! This new form streamlines many things that go into each order - such as cancelations, postponements, paying for the tour and knowing the block of time you can expect us when you order!

Also, with the advent of YouTube taking away our ability to hide suggested videos at the end, we are rolling out a new tour system that offers SO MUCH MORE than you ever imagined! This new tour system does come at a small price, but we believe you will find the benefits are huge in growing your business!

Speaking of price...have you ever wondered how we compare to others? We did a quick comparison below to show you how we compare to our nearest competitor.

This new system allows us to upload the videos directly to the tour rather than linking a YouTube video (and thus sharing suggested videos - yuck!). You will also be provided login credentials so you can view and edit your existing tours!

Many of the features you will find with the new system:

  • Ability to login and edit/delete tours

  • Ability to download all photos AND videos!

  • Back by popular demand - automated tour statistics sent to you and your clients weekly!

  • Ability to show off your brand even further by having your own tour page with all your listings

  • Change the look of the tours so you are one-of-a-kind

  • Choose your own audio to play

  • Add tons of property information if you wish - use it like a single page website!

  • Create flyers anyone can print

  • All in HTML5 for the best PC and mobile engagement

We look forward to a great 2019 and beyond! Jakob and myself are

excited to work with all of you again!

As promised, here is the quick price comparison. This is for EACH listing. If you list 10 homes a year, consider your savings.

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