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Photography Services
Only $94 gives you all the photos you will need of your listing! And then some! 

Hwy 51 Large-2
Hwy 51 Large-3
Hwy 51 Large-7
350 Hamilton-61
350 S Hamilton St, Unit 408-51
350 S Hamilton St, Unit 408-46
350 Hamilton-49
350 Hamilton-59
9814 Sandhill NEW INT-29
9814 Sandhill NEW INT-4
9814 Sandhill NEW INT-17
107 Perimeter NEW INT-13
107 Perimeter NEW INT-4
107 Perimeter NEW INT-9
107 Perimeter NEW INT-7
3625 CR Q-14
3625 CR Q-13
3625 CR Q-36
3625 CR Q-8
8909 Pine Hollow-36
8909 Pine Hollow-12
8909 Pine Hollow-3
8909 Pine Hollow-6
8909 Pine Hollow-10
107 Perimeter NEW INT-12

What makes our photos BETTER? The price, actually! We have been shooting Real Estate since 2001 and have been in many, many homes as you could imagine. This allows us to know ahead of time exactly what we are looking for from an artistic perspective, but more importantly, what YOU NEED to help get potential buyers in the home! We shoot places full-time...nothing weddings, no portraits, just places.

We have been, and will continue to be, the value leader in your marketing efforts saving you a lot of money over every other photographer in the area. Plus, we offer more photos AND a virtual tour AND a YouTube video with EVERY SINGLE LISTING at no additional charge. 

Do quality photos matter? You bet! Do you need to spend a lot of money to get quality photos? NO! 

Do you like a certain style of photo that someone else shoots? Ask us and we'll accommodate! 

We are very proficient and professional in our visit to the homes. Most professional photographers agree that with today's advances in hardware and software, tripods are a thing of the past. It only adds to the cost of your photo shoot because it adds TIME. We base our prices on our very proficient and daily use of our experience, hardware, and software to provide you the best product for the price - bar none. Realistic pricing for incredible results. 


The cherries on the top? Pat has been a Realtor for over 10 years now (without listing or selling a home!) with SUPRA access to ease your schedule. Plus, we carry the best business insurance and have 17 years of spotless service to back us up. Lastly...ask your photographer how they market to or how many FSBO clients they have...we simply do NOT...we only shoot if the property goes up on the MLS and promote full-time Realtors every chance we can get. We have literally turned down hundreds of FSBO offers over the years. 

Quick comparison (based on next lowest competitor in the area)


WhirligigHD - Photo Package

Cost: $94

Number of photos received: As many as you need - typically 30-100 depending on size giving you plenty of options to choose from or rotate or display on other sites

Includes YouTube video for more exposure and higher ranking!

Includes Virtual Tour branded to you (and unbranded for MLS) including contact form and other information!

Local Competitor - Photo Package

Cost: $179 plus tax

Number of photos received: 25-30

No YouTube option listed

Virtual Tour listed as a $20 option

Compare their photos to our they both show the home in a professional manner? Are the photos bright? Straight? Is the lighting even and natural looking? The answer to these questions is YES...they both look great!

NOW...will their photos sell the home for more money? Will their photos bring in more potential buyers? The answer to these are NO...they won't. Save your money and get more exposure and services using WhirligigHD. The sale of the home mostly depends on condition, price, and location...bringing in potential buyers is our jobs by showcasing the home in a professional manner. 

The math is easy at this point. At over $200 for the same package (no YouTube option), that is a savings of over $100 per listing...spread that out over a year's worth of listings and you'll see it adds up to more money in your pocket for other marketing efforts to promote your brand! 

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