Silly Name. Serious Results.

3D Tours

We have provided the Dane County area with over 300 tours with this new technology!

Full-Motion Video

We have been providing high-quality, full-motion video in Dane County since 2008

Pro Photos

One of the reasons Realtors consistently use us is our professional photos - you get plenty!


We can provide you with photos and full-motion video and YES we ARE CERTIFIED!

SHO Tour (Safe Home-Buying Online) Update!

Meet the Team!

Malec Scanlon
Technical Lead
SWF Lead


Pat Laemmrich

Pat grew up in Madison and after receiving a Master's Degree in Engineering from UW Madison, he started photographing homes as a hobby back in 2001 while he worked as an Engineer / Consultant / Financial Analyst / Programmer for UW Health. Seeing a need for high-quality images and cutting-edge marketing in Real Estate at a REASONABLE cost he made the full-time switch and WhirligigHD was born. 

Jakob Yager

Jakob Yager

Jakob is our newest and brightest photographer to join the team in early 2016! 


He enjoys all sorts of photography and graphic design - in fact, he is coming up with some great new ideas to help YOUR business grow!


Jakob is capable of doing all homes - photos, video as well as being our resident 3D guru! 


If you order a 3D tour, you will certainly get to meet this great person! 



Jose Carvalho
Photographer and Drone Pilot

José is the newest addition to our team, being our FAA certified aerial photographer / videographer providing amazing aerial images to your marketing portfolio.

He has an artistic eye and a business mindset, being capable of doing all homes photography, videos and 3D tours.

José is also well versed in video production and video editing, which now allow us at WhirligigHD to offer Agent Bio video production to help you not only sell properties, but to promote your brand.

If you order drone photography or an agent bio video from us, you will for sure get to know José.

Jakob Yager

Malec Scanlon
Technical GURU and Florida Photographer

Malec has been a phenomenal addition to the WhirligigHD team since 2015 working very hard creating tours and sending them out ASAP! 

Malec is now working and going to school in South-West Florida and shooting homes and condos there in his spare time! He is going to college for Business Finance.

What Makes Us Better?

Value Leader and a Complete Solution

More bang for your buck! If you ever find anyone doing the same level of services we provide and a lower price, we will always beat it! 

Quality and Service as an Extension of YOU!

We like to say that we are an extension of YOU...we know your name and image is everything to be successful in this business, so that is why we act and dress professionally, are always on-time and WE ALSO HAVE SUPRA ACCESS to help ease your day! Never a need to meet us at a property as we know exactly what to do! 

SAME-DAY Turnaround!

One of our staples has been SAME-DAY delivery of our photos...and in fact, we typically get you the 3D tour and/or video tours on the same evening it was shot! 

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